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If you need support or advice in any field related to teamwork, leadership or corporate culture, we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Solutions for the future

How to establish effective teams and build a strong corporate culture? TBA can advise you on laying the foundations for the development of your team or management with the aim of optimizing work as much as possible and achieving long-term efficiency at various levels of the company.

Long-term development of teamwork may include analysis of team and leadership competencies, developmental interviews of individuals, moderated team meetings, hands-on workshops, active team programs, or corporate events.

Experts in team challenges

In 12 years and through more than 2000 implemented team programs and workshops for organizations of all sizes and from various industries, we have proven to be experts in teamwork, leadership and corporate culture. By flawlessly organizing active programs, events and/or trainings, we will help your team, department or the entire organization to achieve higher efficiency.

Long-term development

Successful teamwork is key to a successful business. Therefore, the development of teamwork in individual teams and management must be approached comprehensively, strategically and at the level of the entire company. Long-term development begins with an appropriate concept that follows the goals, vision and strategy of the company and long-term personnel orientations.

Corporate culture

The corporate culture and values ​​of an organization are the ‘glue’ between individuals and teams in an organization. In our opinion, culture is the basis for everything that happens in an organization: from cooperation to business processes and customer relations. Developing culture is a long-term process that we can help you define and put into practice as part of our consulting services. Using trainings and corporate events, we introduce it step by step into your everyday work.

Course of cooperation

Based on the analysis of your team challenge, we prepare a solution and organize an unforgettable experience for your team.


Your challenge

Every team leader, department or company faces challenges. In these rapidly changing times, agility is of the utmost importance. TBA experts are trained to help you with this and come up with a solution proposal.


Our solutions

We listen carefully to your challenges and ask you key questions to define the goal together. If these challenges are related to teamwork, leadership or organizational structure, we are happy to prepare an offer with customized solutions in the form of consulting, workshops or active team programs.


Program implementation

After a jointly agreed goal and a confirmed offer, we organize a program that is tailored to solve your challenges. A team of certified trainers and a strong support team will guide you through analysis, trainings and activities that will help achieve the set goals.

Keep your team real.

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