Flashlight Leadership

For the maximum efficiency of the organization, it is important that each individual, team and department takes responsibility for their tasks.

  • Small groups
  • 2 - 8 hours
  • Indoor

Modern leadership

Flashlight leadership is a practical model of modern leadership, symbolized by a simple object – a flashlight. Each part represents one piece of the organization’s field of activity. The stronger and the more connected the elements are, the better the result.

Culture of responsibility

As a basis, the model summarizes the mission and values of the company, strategy, processes, management and the structure of employees or teams. If all parts are compatible and function correctly, the result (light) is only the consequence of a properly assembled and operating unit.

Case studies

The lecture is supported by case studies and is practically oriented. Through a series of moderation techniques, it leads participants to think about how certain areas are developed, regulated, and connected in their organization.

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